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2022-2023 OAM Board         

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ohio Association of Magistrates is to assist Magistrates through education and professional development to serve the Justice System with integrity.



In 1989, a group of referees — Jeff Liston, Larry Smith, Wayne Strunk, Nancy Ferguson, Peg Gasper and Kate Graham — spent many hours over food, lists, incorporating documents, and manuals to create the foundation for the Ohio Association of …

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Board of Trustees

The OAM Board is composed of 25 members: one Trustee is elected from each of the twelve Appellate Districts, six are elected At Large and six are the Chairs of the six Practice Area Committees (Appellate/Common Pleas, Domestic Relations, Juvenile, …

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Code of Regulations

OAM Code of Regulations As Amended September 2023

OAM Code of Regulations As Amended September 27, 2018

OAM Code of Regulations Adopted 2014…

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Volunteer Projects

At each of its Spring and Fall Conferences, magistrates give back to the communities where the conferences are held by volunteering at local non-profits. These rewarding activities have benefitted the following organizations:

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