Several New OAM Board Members

As a result of the 2017 OAM Election as well as some retirements and vacancies, a host of new Magistrates have joined the OAM Board.  Deborah Drexler of Allen and Mercer County Common Pleas Courts is the new Third District Representative replacing Erica Gordon (who stays on as Ethics Chair); Dennis Sarisky of Mahoning County Common Pleas is the new Seventh District Representative replacing Mark Huberman (who is the new OAM Administrator); Thomas Freeman of Summit County Juvenile Court is the new  Ninth District Representative replacing Michele Pena; Lynn Busch-Heyman is the new Twelfth District Representative replacing Christopher Bazeley; Melinda Bradford of the Athens County Common Pleas Court is a new At-Large Representative replacing A.C. Carter (who has retired); Michael McCallister of Franklin County Juvenile Court is another new At-Large Representative replacing Pamela Heringhaus (who is the new Program Chair); Je’Nine Nickerson of Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court is the new Juvenile Practice Area Chair (replacing Tom Freeman) and Kelly Green of the Franklin County Probate Court is the new Probate Practice Area Chair replacing Roseanne Hilow (who has retired).